Barbershop business plan with calculations

Barbershop is a hairdressing salon with a wide range of services designed for the male audience. This is an image studio where you can not only cut your hair, but also choose a new image for yourself.

The direction gained popularity in 2012 with the opening of the first salons in the capital and to this day is gaining momentum. At the moment, your own hairdressing salon for men, as a trendy business, can become a profitable business.

The nuances of launching a barbershop and related issues will be discussed in this article. First, let’s evaluate the idea.

Business benefits:

  • Easy to start with a minimum of paperwork
  • Growing demand for the service
  • Profitable business
  • Niche freedom
  • Payback within 6-8 months of work
  • The possibility of realizing creative potential


  • Not an essential service
  • Narrow circle of clients
  • Investments from 700 thousand rubles.

So, how to open a barbershop, where to start? It is advisable to open a salon for men in megacities and large cities with a population of more than 300 thousand people; in smaller settlements, the service will not be so in demand . To do this, you need to plan the necessary activities and outline the costs.

A step-by-step business plan for opening a barbershop should consist of several points: market research, search for premises and staff, registration of activities, purchase of equipment, marketing activities, calculation of profitability. There are two development paths to follow:

  • Barbershop from scratch with a full cycle of launching organizational processes
  • Buying a franchise of a well-known brand with assistance at all business stages

In our case, consider the first option as more preferable. The amount will be rather big, so you need to find a source of funding. It can be personal savings, borrowed funds in the form of bank loans, other income.

Demand and competition analysis

Before starting a business, you should investigate the market situation in the locality for demand and the number of competitors, their offers and pricing . You need to define your client, the range of services and the cost of their provision. The necessary information can be gleaned from statistical data: population, age and sex ratio, income level.

The target audience will be:

  • Children and teenagers, young men under 24 who want to look fashionable and original
  • Men over 25 with an above average income who take care of themselves
  • Wearers of beards and mustaches

Having drawn a portrait of the client, they determine the list of services offered for the care of hair, mustache and beard. The standard set of services includes:

  • Children’s and men’s haircuts with scissors with further styling
  • Machine hair cutting
  • Hair coloring and gray hair camouflage
  • Eyebrow correction and shaping
  • Modeling beard and mustache
  • dangerous shave
  • Hair removal of mustache and beard
  • Face cleaning
  • Manicure, pedicure services
  • Hair and scalp care
  • Facial massage and other care treatments

Services can be provided both in the salon by appointment and on a first-come, first-served basis, and with departure to the client’s address by prior order for an additional fee.

According to the results of the analysis, the format and level of the cabin, the amount of investment are determined. The success of the future enterprise depends not so much on the saturation of the market in a particular city, but on understanding the situation and desires of the client, the right business tactics.

Search and repair of premises

Next, you should find a suitable room, the size of which depends on the financial capabilities of the entrepreneur, the expected client flow, and the locality.

Enough 40-50 square meters. m . at the rate of 7 squares per workplace.
A good option for locating a men’s hairdresser would be a shopping center, the central streets of the city, areas with developed infrastructure other than bedrooms.

You can rent a room on the ground floor of a residential building or in a separate building, business center. It is desirable to have parking, public transport stops nearby.

The premises must comply with the norms and requirements of standards. Have a bathroom, communications, a powerful electrical network, ventilation. A barbershop is suitable for a building where a hairdressing salon was previously located . This will save you money on renovations.

The space is divided into several sections: a waiting area and a work room, a staff room and a toilet.

It is necessary to carry out cosmetic repairs in a masculine style with finishing the walls, floor and ceiling with non-combustible materials. A bright sign should be placed at the entrance to attract the attention of potential customers. For repair work with the installation of a sign, an amount of 350 thousand rubles will be required.

Documents and permissions

The activities of the barbershop must be registered with the Federal Tax Service department as an LLC or individual entrepreneur. The latter option involves simple reporting, a minimum of documents: passport, TIN, application form, payment of state duty 800 rubles .

It is recommended to open an LLC if there are several founders. In this case, constituent documents will be required: a decision to establish an LLC with the minutes of the meeting, the charter of the company, an authorized capital of at least 10 thousand rubles. The amount of the state duty will be 4 thousand rubles.

The form of taxation is simplified with the payment of 6% of total income or 15% of revenue minus expenses . A suitable OKVED code is 93.02 for the provision of services by beauty salons and hairdressers.
In order for the men’s salon to work, you need to obtain permission from the regulatory authorities: Rospotrebnadzor and the fire inspection, a license is not required.


After settling the formalities, they begin to search for personnel. The staff is made up of the following posts:

  • administrator
  • Professional barbers – men with shift work
  • Part-time cleaners and outsourced accountant

You can hire a male hairdresser with subsequent training in barber courses . The staff must have such qualities of character as friendliness, sociability, stress resistance, the ability to avoid conflict situations and find an approach to each client.

The salary is formed in the following way: for the administrator and cleaner – a fixed salary, for hairdressers – a percentage of the proceeds for each client (25-50%).

Purchase of equipment

An important stage of the business plan is to equip the barbershop with the necessary equipment and tools, the number of which is determined by the number of jobs:
For the waiting area, you should purchase:

  • Sofa for visitors worth 15 thousand rubles.
  • Coffee table for 6 thousand rubles.
  • TV – 25 thousand rubles.
  • Hanger at a price of 3 thousand rubles.
  • Reception desk – 7 thousand rubles.
  • Coffee maker – 25 thousand rubles.

For the workroom you need:

  • Hairdressing chairs worth 35 thousand rubles. per piece
  • Mirrors with a stand at a price of 27 thousand rubles. per piece
  • Shelves – 2 thousand rubles. per piece
  • Wall mirror for 5 thousand rubles.
  • Lockers for storing cosmetics – 4 thousand rubles.
  • Hairdresser’s chair with a sink – 25 thousand rubles.
  • Lighting devices in the amount of 7 thousand rubles.
  • Table for manicure and massage – 3 thousand rubles.
  • Equipment and tools: razors, scissors, hair dryers, combs, etc. – 30 thousand rubles.

Consumables for a total amount of 40 thousand rubles:

  • Hair dye
  • Hair care products, shampoos, men’s cosmetics
  • Towels, napkins
  • Household chemicals

Buy cosmetics and care products should be of high quality and well-known manufacturer. The amount of costs at this step is determined by the quantity and brand of equipment, the list of services provided. On average, it will take about 250 thousand rubles . To save at the initial stage will allow the purchase of used equipment and furniture.

Advertising and marketing

You need to think about ways to promote your business even before opening a salon. The first step is to come up with an interesting and sonorous name for the barbershop with an emphasis on the male audience. All possible channels can be used as advertising:

  • Visible signage and other outdoor advertising: posters, pavement signs, banners
  • Own website with photos and description of services, social networks, Instagram
  • Distribution of business cards, flyers, booklets in shopping centers, crowded places, entertainment centers
  • Advertising in the media
  • Ads in transport, elevators and entrances of houses, stops
  • word of mouth

Providing discounts, holding various promotions , a bonus system, gift certificates will help increase customer loyalty.

It is worth considering your corporate identity and using it for additional advertising and creating the image of a barbershop: staff uniforms with a logo, coffee cups, bags, printing products.

How much to invest at the start

Let’s focus on the financial part of the plan. To implement a business idea, you will need at least 750 thousand rubles, and on average up to a million. These funds will go:

  • It will take 350 thousand rubles to repair the premises and install a signboard.
  • Rent payment – 50 thousand rubles.
  • The purchase of special equipment, tools and consumables will take 250 thousand rubles.
  • Starting advertising campaign and marketing about 100 thousand rubles.

Additional costs will arise when sending hairdressers to barber courses for an internship – 100 thousand rubles . in the event that it was not possible to find professionals in their field.

You can reduce costs by equipping 2-3 workstations for masters and 1 manicure room by purchasing used equipment. But, if possible, it is better to immediately purchase new high-quality equipment from a reliable manufacturer.

Monthly expenses

In addition to the initial investment, you need to provide for fixed costs:

  • For renting premises – 50 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of consumables – 15 thousand rubles.
  • Payment of utilities
  • accounts and taxes – 15 thousand rubles.
  • For advertising – 20 thousand rubles.

Remuneration for the labor of an administrator, accountant and cleaner when barbers work on a percentage of the proceeds – 40 thousand rubles.

It turns out the amount of 140 thousand rubles.

How much can you earn

We turn to the calculation of possible income and profitability of the business. The average prices for barbershop services are as follows:

  • A classic haircut with scissors for men with styling costs 1200 rubles, machine – 800 rubles, quick with one nozzle – 400 rubles.
  • Haircut for boys up to 12 years old – 800 rubles.
  • Eyebrow shaping – 500 rubles.
  • Classic haircut in combination with a mustache and beard trim – 1500 rubles.
  • Mustache and beard styling – 600 rubles.
  • Hair wash followed by styling – 300 rubles.

Based on the average check of 1 thousand 200 rubles. and 20 clients a day, the monthly revenue will be 720 thousand rubles, half of which will go to the salaries of barbers and 140 thousand to current expenses. We get a net profit of 220 thousand rubles, although in reality the amount may be lower depending on the number of customers.

With such an income, the initial investment will pay off in six months of work, which indicates a high profitability.

Possible business problems and risks

Do not forget about the negative aspects of the business. This area of ​​hairdressing services is associated with some risks, including:

  • A narrow circle of target audience, which should be taken into account when opening a barbershop in a small town.
  • Lack of professional barbers in the market.
  • Increasing competition hurting the profits of a men’s barbershop.
  • Low demand for services due to an incorrectly chosen location or insufficient market analysis, overpriced services.

You should think through possible problems before opening the salon and at the planning stage try to nullify them. To do this, they research the market, tracking trends, analyze the audience and provide a high-level service.


Such a line of business as a barbershop can become a profitable and prosperous business with the possibility of self-realization.

The project pays off quickly , the main thing is to focus on winning and keeping the client audience at the initial stage. With the right approach, the idea can be scaled up by creating a network of salons or opening your own franchise.

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