Business plan for production on a CNC milling machine

The CNC machine is a high-performance hardware and software system designed to process the following materials: metal, rubber, wood, plastic, leather.

An extensive scope allows the use of equipment for development in various business niches. If you are among the craftsmen who know how to work on it, consider starting a profitable business making a wide range of products at home.

Its pluses :

  • Low initial investment from 150 thousand rubles.
  • The presence of a minimum of equipment and tools
  • Small space requirement
  • Ability to organize in your own garage or at home
  • Wide target audience
  • Freedom to choose a market niche


  • Having certain knowledge and skills
  • Independent search for sales channels
  • Seasonality in most niches

A competent business plan will help you not to make a mistake at the start and properly organize the process . It will allow you to evaluate the idea and decide on the concept, calculate the cost of products and the profitability of the business. Let’s analyze its components and some of the nuances of activity.

Demand and competition analysis

The first thing to do is to study the needs of potential customers in Internet services: Wordstat, Yandex.Vzglyad, as well as offers and pricing policies of competitors. Think about how you can stand out from their background, what additional services you can offer. For example, free delivery of orders, furniture designer services, home visits by a measurer, and others.

The versatility of the machine allows you to work with different niches and target audiences, both in the private and corporate sectors. Therefore, it will not be difficult to gain a foothold in the service market. The demand for products made from natural materials is growing from year to year. In demand: wooden furniture, interior details, original souvenirs, toys, musical instruments and others. All this can be made on a universal CNC machine .


You can organize a mini carpentry workshop in your garage or a separate room in the local area if you live outside the city or have a summer house. In the absence of such an opportunity, a suitable room can be rented.

Required area: 20-40 square meters . The room must meet fire safety requirements, be heated and have forced ventilation. With the expansion of production, additional space for storage and drying of products will be required.

What can be made on the machine

The milling machine makes it possible to work with various materials in addition to solid ones in automatic mode:

  • Performing curved and figured cutting of wood
  • Manufacture of parts for furniture assembly
  • Cutting different materials, including composite
  • Decorating blanks
  • Manufacture of parts of complex shape
  • Leather, rubber processing

This allows you to start a business by cooperating with entrepreneurs and third parties, supplying them with components, complex geometric elements, miniature parts. In addition, on the machine it is possible to create unique goods in a single copy, products according to author’s sketches.

Work can be started in several directions:

  1. Cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses : furniture companies, construction and finishing companies, advertising industry.
  • Manufacture of furniture decor and furniture assembly, chairs, wooden stairs, doors, architraves and shutters
  • 2D and 3D carving
  • Production of signboards, logos, individual samples of outdoor advertising
  • Production of corporate souvenirs, tourist and festive: decorative dishes, medals, commemorative signs, magnets
  • Development of master models for foundries

2. Fulfillment of orders for individuals

  • Production of wooden toys, board games, kitchen utensils
  • Carrying out engraving works on precious metals, stone
  • Making sculptures and souvenirs
  • Production of interior items: lamps, panels, coasters, photo frames, boxes

3. Launching our own line production of a specific product that is in demand on the market: cutting boards, coasters, rolling pins, photo frames, etc.

It is worth experimenting with different types of products, quickly switching to the production of a wide range.

Finding Clients

In order for consumers to know about you and the business to develop, you need to run advertising . This type of activity allows you to search for clients, both in the private and in the corporate sphere. Due to the wide range of work performed, the following can be used as distribution channels for products:

  • Access to construction and finishing firms
  • Service for small furniture enterprises
  • Cooperation with advertising agencies

Sale of products to individuals: owners of cottages, houses, families with children and other groups of the population

They promote products using their own website, groups in social networks , specialized Internet sites. Word of mouth works great, distributing visits and booklets in places with high traffic of people, placing ads in elevators and entrances of houses. Be sure to use multiple marketing channels to reach as many customers as possible.


In the case of organizing a mini carpentry shop , you will need to hire a machine operator, a technologist, a carpenter, an auxiliary worker, a driver to deliver orders. Many functions can be performed independently, and the services of an accountant can be used online, by outsourcing.

Knowing how to work on the machine, at the initial stages it is enough to have one assistant or perform all operations alone. You must register as a self-employed or individual entrepreneur . The best option would be individual entrepreneurship.

To do this, they apply to the tax office with a passport, TIN, application, paying a state duty of 800 rubles. Taxable regime: STS with a deduction of 6% of total income or 15% of net profit. Specified OKVED code: 43.32 suitable for joinery and carpentry work.

To receive large orders from enterprises, the registration of a legal entity is more suitable. This will require the charter of a company with a capital of 10 thousand rubles, opening a current account and paying a state duty in the amount of 4 thousand rubles.

How much to invest at the start

The initial investment depends on the range of work performed and specialization. With a narrow list of services, you can get by with an inexpensive machine model and a minimum of tools. The costs in this case will amount to 150 thousand rubles, of which:

  • The purchase of a machine will require a minimum of 100 thousand rubles.
  • For the purchase of equipment for processing materials – 10 thousand rubles.
  • To pay for the rent of the premises – 30 thousand rubles.
  • For advertising – 10 thousand rubles.

Current expenses will include: the purchase of consumables, payment of utility bills, rent, advertising, which will amount to about 40 thousand rubles.

For greater productivity, a complex model of a machine tool worth 200 thousand rubles will be required. and equipment with furniture for 25 thousand rubles. Monthly expenses will also increase to 100 thousand rubles.

Saving will allow the availability of suitable premises and tools, the purchase of used equipment. When purchasing a machine, study its technical and operational characteristics, operational capabilities. Choose equipment from reliable manufacturersresponsible for the quality of the goods.

How much can you earn

The amount of income depends on the cost of the processed material, which can range from 20 to 500 rubles. per meter and margins of 50-100% . At an average speed, up to 3 thousand meters of material can be processed per shift, which will allow you to earn 170 thousand rubles. per day, and the amount of net profit for the month will be 370 thousand rubles. Thus, the initial investment will pay off in 2-3 months.

Additional income will be brought by the organization:

  • Thematic master classes, training courses
  • Video lessons on the Internet, consultations

Possible business problems and risks

Since the machine is controlled by numerical control, the operator practically does not take part in its work. Therefore, the influence of the human factor for this business is not relevant. Common risks include:

  • Marriage of material or inadequate quality: purchase from a regular supplier who has proven himself will avoid the problem
  • Increasing competition: high product quality, attractive prices, additional services, product exclusivity will help to minimize the risk
  • Lack of demand: indicative of insufficient marketing activities, wrong niche or pricing

With the right approach to business, risks can be avoided , or their impact minimized.

A feature of the business is that without ensuring sustainable sales volumes and an established infrastructure, production should not be expanded. It is better to consolidate success by developing it, improving the quality of products, establishing production chains with partners, and retaining customers.


The organization of the production of products using a CNC machine is an attractive idea for a business, not only because of the ease of start-up and low capital investment, but also the multitasking and multi-scheduling of operations, which makes the work interesting.

In addition, the activity brings a good income. Even working on a simple machine model, it is possible to earn decent money . The main thing is to love your job, follow the business plan, increasing the circle of customers and focusing on the future.

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