Business plan of the recreation center with ready-made calculations

Opening a recreation center can become a promising business even with the instability of the economy. People are increasingly spending their holidays without leaving their native country. This type of recreation is gaining momentum and becoming more popular every year.

And while the market is not oversaturated , it is worth trying to take your place in this service sector. To do this, you need to competently approach the issue by drawing up a detailed business plan that takes into account important points and features.

Business model and the main list of recreation center services

The camp site is a complex of several buildings located in a picturesque place for recreation and leisure activities. Can be organized through the functioning of:

All year round: the best option that provides a constant income
In the summer: involves light buildings, without insulation and seasonal earnings
Suitable accommodation options are:

  1. Base in the forest. The peculiarity will be that, according to the Code of the Russian Federation, a forest plot can only be leased by contacting an executive authority. To do this:
    After surveying the site, put it on the cadastral register
    Create a forest development project and pass an examination
    Participate in bidding for the right to lease it
    Important: It is impossible to build real estate objects on the lands of the forest fund.
  2. Tourist base on the shore of the reservoir . In this case, it is necessary to formalize the right to use by concluding a water use agreement:
  • Making a cadastral survey of a water body
  • Providing a package of relevant documents
  • At the end of the auction, sign a contract
  • To organize paid fishing, you must also obtain the right to use the fish farm through participation in the auction.

3. Camp site in the countryside or village . It will require obtaining permission to use the land plot or its acquisition from the local administration, which implies the following actions:

  • Preparation of the layout of the plot on the cadastral plan of the territory, approval in the department of architecture
  • Carrying out land surveying with the involvement of a cadastral engineer
    Participation in bidding for the right to purchase or lease a land plot
  • Registration of a contract or ownership
  • Important: The land plot should not be located in or adjacent to a protected area, as this will complicate obtaining permission to open a base.

Also at this stage, the types of recreation offered with a list of services are determined. For an active pastime, they equip sports and playgrounds, a sauna with a swimming pool, and a stage. Provide a wide range of services:

  • Rental of boats, fishing tackle, tents
  • Skating, skiing, sledding
  • Organization of business events, trainings, seminars, celebrations, graduations, banquets
  • Excursions
  • Transfer Services
  • Free WI-FI

It is important to make the leisure time of vacationers interesting and varied, and the accommodation comfortable.

How to open a recreation center from scratch

When deciding to open a recreation center, they think over the issue of a source of investment. They may be:

  • personal savings
  • borrowed bank funds
  • receiving grants, subsidies through participation in state support programs

The amount of investment will depend on the scale of the business . The ideal option is to place the base on the territory of abandoned children’s camps and tourist bases left over from the times of the USSR, which will significantly reduce costs.

Having planned expenses, they move on to assessing the market, forming a concept, and implementing a business plan. The entire organizational work will take about 6 months.

Demand and competition analysis

This step involves studying the market for similar services in your area , locality. What is the number of competitors, what services are offered, and what is missing. Pay attention to the convenience of the location of the future hostel, the quality of access roads, roads.

Business success will be affected by:

  • Picturesque and ecological cleanliness of the place
  • The presence of a reservoir, forest, grove
  • The degree of remoteness from the nearest city is 40-100 km
  • Comfort of living, variety of services offered

These are the main parameters when choosing an upcoming vacation spot. It is necessary to offer visitors something special that distinguishes you from other recreation centers.

As a competitive advantage, you can use:

  • Affordable prices, below the market average at the beginning of work to attract the first customers
  • Expanded list of services with an interesting entertainment program
  • High level of service
  • Good repair, clean rooms, original interior
  • Non-standard concept (for example, a recreation center with comfortable yurts)

Determine your target audience and database format

I must say, recreation centers are popular with people of all ages with an active lifestyle and an average income level. Among the target audience can be found:

  • Children of preschool and school age
  • students
  • Young people engaged in sports and dance sections
  • Office employees participating in seminars, trainings
    Parents with kids
  • Old people

The range is wide and allows you to provide services relevant to each specific group.

Based on this, the format of the base is determined:
1) Camping – an equipped summer parking lot for car travelers in the open air with the provision of the following range of services:

  • shower, toilet
  • water, electricity
  • sewerage for trailers, garbage disposal
  • tourist lodges
  • kitchen, laundry
  • children’s and sports ground

2) Cottage-type recreation center – a complex of residential and administrative buildings located on 15 hectares of land.
3) A small tourist base with several one-story houses and a small hotel on a land plot of 5 hectares.

Renting or buying land

The question of choice depends on the amount of money available and your preferences. Each option has its positive and negative sides.

Renting a built but unrealized complex is good because the base is ready for use and does not require additional material and labor costs.
Building a base on a bare site attracts with the possibility of designing in accordance with the planned technical issues, at your discretion, although this option is more expensive than the first.

Paperwork for construction and business registration

When choosing a land plot, adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Intended for recreation, implying a permitted type of use. It is possible to determine this by the public cadastral map on the Rosreestr website. There you can find the cadastral number of the site and information about the ownership. After that, already conclude a lease agreement for the land. The term of imprisonment does not exceed 2 months.
  2. Finding a site outside the reserve
  3. Minimum area from 4 hectares

Then they proceed to work, which consists in preparing a project for construction by a design bureau. By this time, the land should have already been leased and the conditions for the use and development of the site issued by the competent authority. Prepare the project for about 2 weeks.

It reflects the arrangement of the camp site, consisting of a number of rooms, administrative buildings, a dining room. They provide for the improvement of the territory with children’s and sports grounds, parking, a bathhouse, a barbecue and other facilities for a planned vacation. We receive a ready-made project with all technical conclusions for engineering communications and a topographic plan.

Further, they conclude contracts for the export of solid waste, the provision of security services, and receive the conclusion of the SES and the fire service. Once the base is put into operation, no additional permits will be required. The main thing is to follow the rules of doing business, ensuring sanitary and fire safety on its territory.

To legally conduct business, you need to contact the Tax Office and register an individual entrepreneur or LLC . When opening a recreation center on your own, an individual entrepreneurship with a minimum of reporting and a simplified tax system with a deduction of 6% of total income or 15% of net profit is sufficient. To do this, fill out the appropriate application, providing a passport, TIN and a receipt for payment of the state duty of 800 rubles.

If there are several founders, an LLC is selected with a company charter and authorized capital. The amount of the state fee in this case will be 4 thousand rubles.

Possible OKVED codes :

  • 92.72 for leisure and entertainment activities
  • 55.52 for the provision of buffet catering services
  • 55.30 for organizing a restaurant or cafe on the camp site

The final list of documents depends on the individual characteristics of the business organization and may require additional documentation.

Base building

We turn to the main issue related to the direct construction and arrangement of the complex.

Holiday houses should be designed for a different number of visitors and can be individual for 2-5 people and cottages with several rooms.

It will take about 700 thousand rubles to build a house from profiled timber . This will include construction and finishing works, summing up communications, equipping with furniture and equipment. The budget options include houses from change houses or built from cheaper materials. The cost of such houses starts from 400 thousand rubles , but they do not look presentable, and besides, they are not durable.

Cottages with several rooms are more profitable to build from container-type modules, which will reduce the time of its construction and make it possible to move the building to a new location if necessary.

We will have to solve the problem with water supply, since there is no central water supply in remote places. This will require drilling an artesian well. With the operation of the base all year round and its large area, it is reasonable to build your own boiler house to solve the issue of heat supply.

It will be necessary to resolve the issue of power supply and conduct electricity to the buildings of the complex.
It is also necessary to consider the installation of a sewerage system and supplying communications to each room.
In addition to the main facilities, a bathhouse, gazebos, a boat station, a summer stage and other objects are being erected, depending on specialization.

Purchase of furniture, equipment and consumables

Another important question is how to equip the hostel to create comfortable conditions for vacationers, while purchasing inexpensive, but high-quality furniture and equipment. Below is a list of the main items:

Expenditureapproximate cost
Plumbing: sinks, toilets, showers, faucets15 thousand rubles to number
Furniture: beds, wardrobes, bedside tables10 thousand rubles per room
Equipment in the room: refrigerator, TV, air conditioning30 thousand rubles
Kitchen equipment: tables, chairs, stove, etc.300 thousand rubles
Leisure equipment: sports equipment, fishing tackle, etc.50 thousand rubles
Household chemicals5 thousand rubles
Food250 thousand rubles

The list is determined by the database format and the range of services. On average, to equip a small complex, 500 thousand – 1 million rubles will be required.


An important component of the business is the staff. For the normal operation of the camp site, at least 5-10 people will be required :

  • Administrator
  • medical worker
  • Housemaid
  • Cook
  • Handyman

With seasonal operation, in order to save money, you can hire students or just those who want to with temporary part-time work. Personnel must have sanitary books with appropriate marks.
Having a small base, most of the functions are performed on their own, involving family members. But when expanding, employees will be needed anyway.

Advertising and marketing

To promote a business, standard advertising methods are suitable:

  • Outdoor advertising in the form of signs, banners, posters
  • Word of mouth as one of the best customer acquisition channels
  • Advertising in newspapers, radio, television
  • Creation of a website with photos, description and the possibility of booking online
  • Groups in social networks, thematic forums, Internet sites, bulletin boards

At first, you will have to invest 60-80 thousand rubles in advertising .

How much money do you need to build a recreation center

The amount of capital investment depends entirely on the scale of the business. A small tourist base for 10-15 rooms will cost 7-10 million rubles. A medium-sized recreation center will require 30 million rubles, and for a cottage complex on 15 hectares of land, at least 100 million rubles will be needed.

Consider the initial investment for the first option:

  • Registration of documents for construction – 20 thousand rubles.
  • Construction of a recreation center – 4 million rubles.
  • Arrangement of rooms – 2 million rubles.
  • Summing up water supply, sewerage, electricity – 200 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of kitchen utensils, dishes – 200 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of a set of products – 50 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising expenses – 80 thousand rubles.
  • Other expenses – 50 thousand rubles.

Total: 6 million 600 thousand rubles.

In addition to starting investments, it is necessary to provide a reserve of finance for business development for several months, until the base begins to make a profit.

Monthly expenses

The current costs of a small camp site will be:

  • Payment of utility bills – 20 thousand rubles.
  • Plot lease – 70 thousand rubles.
  • Payment of wages, tax deductions – 200 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of consumables – 100 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of products – 50 thousand rubles.

Total: 340 thousand rubles.

Options for additional income
An excellent option for obtaining additional income will be:

  • A stable with a hippodrome, allowing the provision of horseback riding services, riding lessons
  • Paid rental of roller skates, skis, bicycles, boats
  • Renting segways
  • Organization of excursion tours

Lots of options. If there are mountains with a mountain river nearby, you can organize kayaking and mountain climbing. In addition to active recreation, weddings, holidays with an animation program, corporate events are held on the territory of the complex. It all depends on your imagination and possibilities.

The profitability of the recreation center

The profit of the tourist base is related to the number of tourists. But you should not hope for one hundred percent attendance, usually the workload is 30-40%. With a calculated capacity of 50 people, the base will be visited by 400 customers per month.

With an average check of 1500 rubles. per day we get a monthly revenue of about 600 thousand rubles. with a net profit of 260 thousand rubles. Profitability is good 30-40%, allowing you to recoup investments in one or two seasons, but in the case of large investments, it will take from 2.5 to 5 years.

Business risks

Of course, this business is associated with many risks, some of which can be prevented:

  • Loss of income due to poor location and low attendance
  • Increasing competition to open new bases nearby
  • Ineffective advertising
  • Poor service quality, high prices

Even at the planning stage, you should assess the risks and take them into account when launching , competently approaching the implementation of the business plan.

But there are still force majeure circumstances that cannot be predicted:

  • problems in the field of public utilities, to prevent which a skilled handyman is kept
  • Damage to or loss of tangible property, which can be minimized by holiday fines

A timely response to problems that have arisen will allow you to quickly resolve the situation and stay afloat.

Summing up, we note the prospects of opening a recreation center, despite significant investments and the need to go through difficult organizational moments. But this business provides good opportunities for development and high profits.

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