Cakes to order as a business at home

Making cakes to order will serve as an interesting business idea with the possibility of organizing at home. It is known that not a single event can do without this delicious beautiful treat, whether it is a quiet family holiday, a corporate event, a memorable date or a magnificent celebration.

The demand for exclusive desserts made from natural ingredients is growing year by year.

The option of making money baking homemade cakes is suitable for mothers on maternity leave, women of retirement age and those who want to turn their favorite pastime into their main job . If you have an artistic taste, imagination and know how to cook delicious desserts, then this idea is for you.

Business in your own kitchenGrowing competition
Low initial investmentPossible difficulties at the initial stage with the search for orders
Ease of organizationResponsibility for compliance with sanitary standards
Demand regardless of the season
Fast payback within one to two weeks
Increased demand on holidays
Freedom for creativity and pricing

Having outlined a business plan with the necessary calculations, you can begin to implement your plan with a consistent study of the stages.

How to start a home baking business

The undoubted advantage of a business is the ability to conduct it at home, which allows you to reduce the cost of renting premises and purchasing equipment, since usually every housewife already has the appropriate equipment in the kitchen.

All you need is the ability to plan work time and fulfill orders on time.
It is necessary to prepare a workplace in the kitchen, sufficient for a full-fledged manufacturing process. If this is not possible, then you can rent a suitable room in a catering establishment. It is necessary to provide conditions that meet sanitary standards and requirements.

At the planning stage, it is worth thinking about the range of baked goods and the choice of recipes. For novice confectioners, the classic versions of the dough for cakes are suitable: biscuit, honey, sour cream, waffle. There should also be several varieties of cream: oil, custard, protein. Cake design is made of mastic, marzipan, icing, jelly.

Some types of cakes, for example, multi-tiered, wedding cakes are difficult to prepare. Therefore, beginners can start with one or two tiered products with a mastic-free finish and the use of ready-made elements for decoration, “naked” cakes with layers of cakes.

The range of experienced confectioners is much wider :

  • Thematic cakes of different shapes and sizes with buttercream decoration
  • Multi-tiered products, decorated with figurines of the author’s work, flowers
  • Children’s cakes that imitate a variety of objects: in the form of a car, ship, animal, etc.

Finished products are photographed for a portfolio, which is used to interest the client. It usually takes 2-3 days to prepare one cake, depending on the complexity of the work.

The manufacturing process itself consists of several stages:

  1. Cooking dough and baking cakes
  2. Preparation of decoration elements: cream, figurines, flowers from mastic
  3. Spreading cakes with cream
  4. Cake assembly
  5. Covering with cream or covering with mastic
  6. Product decoration

When baking cakes to order, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Coordinate with the client the composition of the product, finding out if anyone is allergic to certain products: chocolate, nuts, citrus fruits;
  2. Specify the weight of the cake and its appearance: decor elements, number of tiers;
  3. Indicate the exact date of delivery to the client to comply with expiration dates, which vary from 6 hours to 14 days based on the composition of the cake.
  4. You can go beyond baking birthday cakes, but also offer your customers cupcakes, cakes, rolls, pies, muffins, cheesecakes, etc.

Dietary and low-calorie confectionery products will help to expand the assortment.

What documents are needed

The issue of the need to register activities depends on the volume of orders . Fulfilling a couple of three orders a month for acquaintances, it is unreasonable to pay taxes.

But to work with legal entities ordering cakes for corporate parties and various company events, as well as deliveries to restaurants, a business should be registered as a self-employed or individual entrepreneur.

Moreover, the provision of confectionery services falls under the category with the possibility of not paying taxes during the first two years , which allows the business to grow stronger and develop.

To register an individual entrepreneur, it is enough to contact the tax office with a passport, TIN, paid state duty in the amount of 800 rubles. and submit an application, indicating the OKVED code 10.71.2 for the production of flour confectionery, cakes, pastries of non-durable storage. As taxation, the simplified tax system is suitable with the payment of 6% of total income or 15% of net profit .

It would be useful to have a medical book with appropriate notes. Buyers may inquire about its availability, and it is necessary for legitimate activities. It is also desirable to obtain certificates of conformity for the proposed products.

At the initial stage, the process of making desserts is handled alone, but with a large number of orders, an assistant with certain skills may be needed in the future.

Demand and competition analysis

Before starting the production of cakes, you should analyze the demand for products, prices and offers of competitors. Information can be found on the Internet, which is filled with vivid photographs of pastry chefs’ desserts. Take notes, write down the secrets of baking, form your ideas. Do this work regularlyto keep up with competitors and stand out from their background.

You also need to decide on the target audience. Cakes are ordered for family celebrations and public holidays: New Year, February 23, March 8, St. Valentine’s Day, September 1. You can focus on children and their parents, older people who order cakes for anniversaries and memorable dates.

Purchase of equipment

The business is attractive because it does not require a large amount of expensive equipment. The complete set of devices depends on the assortment of cakes that you are going to make.

Most of the equipment and inventory is usually already in the home kitchen. But if it is not able to provide high-quality cooking, you will have to supplement or replace it.

What you need for baking cakes at home for a beginner

  • A stove with an oven that allows you to bake products evenly – 20 thousand rubles.
  • Blender or mixer – 3 thousand rubles.
  • Utensils for kneading dough and making cream – 1 thousand rubles.
  • Kitchen scales for accurate measurement of ingredients – 1 thousand. rub.
  • Baking molds of different sizes – 1 thousand rubles.
  • Pastry bags with various nozzles – from 300 rubles. per piece
  • Plungers, irons, extruders, punches for mastic – 2 thousand rubles.
  • Turntable for product design – 1 thousand rubles.
  • String for cutting biscuit – 500 rubles.
  • Inventory: sieve, shovels, knives, rolling pins, spatulas and brushes – 2 thousand rubles.
  • Kitchen table – 3 thousand rubles.

All equipment and fixtures must be of good quality, reliable manufacturers. You can buy it in household or specialized stores, supermarkets. The kitchen must have a hood and a work table with a place to install a turntable and decorate finished cakes.

You should also think about buying material for packaging the product. It should be disposable and aesthetic. Suitable:

  • Plastic or cardboard boxes in different sizes
  • Special substrates
  • Self-made packaging options
  • The original packaging design will allow you to stand out from the competition and attract customers.

Client search, advertising and marketing

This issue deserves special attention. The success of the business will largely depend on it. Clients should be searched on the Internet in social networking groups, specialized forums, thematic communities.
As methods of online advertising, your own website with photos and a detailed description of products, a page in Vkontakte, Instagram, and ads on trading floors are suitable.

Effective offline advertising methods will be:

  • Distribution of business cards, flyers in places with high traffic of people, shops, shopping centers
  • Placement of ads in elevators, entrances of residential buildings, transport
  • Use of word of mouth
  • Submission of advertisements in newspapers and other free printed publications
  • Creation of a colorful product catalog for demonstration to potential customers

The first clients may be relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors . They will appreciate the taste and appearance of the cake, they will advise their friends and work colleagues to use your services. You can arrange master classes, skill lessons, participate in confectioners’ competitions.

How much to invest at the start

As mentioned above, the business does not require large initial investments. On average, you will need about 30-50 thousand rubles. The main items of expenditure will be:

  • Investments in equipment – 30 thousand rubles.
  • Investments in raw materials – 5 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising expenses – 10 thousand rubles.
  • Other minor expenses – 5 thousand rubles.

In the future, the main costs will go to the purchase of products for cakes. You should buy quality ingredients at a bargain price. You can buy them in the nearest hypermarket, specialized stores for confectioners. The main components of the dough will be: eggs, sugar, flour, butter, cocoa powder and other products, depending on the product.

How much can you earn baking cakes

It is important to calculate the cost and profitability of the business. The price of cakes is formed from the following components:

  • Finished product weight
  • The cost of its ingredients
  • Difficulty and duration of preparation

Also, the cost includes utility costs, the cost of inventory, packaging. It turns out the average amount is about 500-700 per 2 kg of cake . The markup is 200-300% . Cakes weighing at least 1.5 kg are usually sold at a price of 1 thousand rubles. per kilogram. The resulting profit will be 1 thousand 300 rubles. from the product.

If you fulfill at least 3-4 orders per week, the monthly revenue will be 20-30 thousand rubles, with greater productivity, the profit will increase. Expanding the range with other confectionery and bakery products will bring additional revenue.

The profitability of a business is determined not only by the difference between the funds spent and income, but also by Internet promotion, the idea of ​​product design. On average, it is 40-50% or more.

Possible business problems and risks

In the process of work, professional difficulties may arise in the form of the inability to prepare a complex type of product and related problems in the delivery of the finished cake, since it can be quite difficult to pack it and bring it in its original form.

It is not recommended to use public transport for transportation . It’s good if you have your own car. Questions regarding delivery should be discussed with the client in advance.

In addition to these nuances, the following risks can affect the business:

  • Lack of orders: possible due to insufficient advertising, high prices for cakes, competition
  • Short shelf life of the product and low-quality products that can cause poisoning: compliance with sanitary standards during the technological process is mandatory
  • Unscrupulous customers who refuse to pick up the cake and pay for the order: in this case, the prepayment function will help

Despite some difficulties, the business of baking homemade cakes is gaining relevance every year. Due to its advantages, it attracts housewives, novice confectioners and masters of their craft.

It’s great when your favorite hobby generates income, and with skillful organization, a hobby can grow into a profitable business. The main thing is to apply imagination and a little effort and the result will not be long in coming.

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