Phone cases and accessories store business plan

The store of accessories for phones as a business is relevant due to the demand among the majority of the population. People want to buy original mobile accessories that distinguish them from other owners of similar smartphones.

The idea attracts with simplicity of organization and other advantages :

  • Small investments at the start from 150 thousand rubles.
  • Growing demand for products
  • Low cost of goods, allowing you to mark up 300-400%
  • Payback in a short period of time 3-4 months
  • Good ROI
  • The presence of a small area for the placement of a retail outlet from 5 sq. m.
  • The ability to quickly change location by moving to a new location

There are few disadvantages , but they are significant:

  • High level of competition
  • 90% of the products of unofficial manufacturers are of low quality

A well-written business plan will help you avoid mistakes and quickly make a profit.

How to open a mobile accessories store

First you need to decide on the format of activity , which depends on the size of the initial capital. Business can be organized as:

  1. A counter or department in a shopping center: an economical option with an investment of 150 thousand rubles. and the required area of ​​5 sq. m. Pluses will be low rent, self-promotion, mobility.
  2. A point in a separate building: it will require an area of ​​​​10-15 square meters. m. and investments from 200 thousand rubles. Suitable for a narrow range of goods.
  3. Online store of accessories for phones: a good option that allows you to save on renting premises and salaries of employees. It will require investments in the development of the site and its content.

The concept can be based on a narrow specialization or focus on a wide audience, work with a low price segment represented by Chinese goods, or be based on a unique offer that is different from competitors.

Demand and competition analysis

Before opening a retail outlet, you need to research the market for demand and the level of competition. To do this, they search for information on the Internet, visit analogue stores to study the presented assortment and prices for products, and the needs of customers.

It is not recommended to place a store near electrical goods hypermarkets, communication stores, or offer other wide range of goods. Due to high competition, it may be difficult to attract customers at the first stage. The main target audience will be young people aged 14-35 with different income levels.

Choosing a location for trading

The right location is half the key to success. When choosing , pedestrian traffic , infrastructure development, and the location of the nearest competitors are taken into account.

A rack with mobile accessories is placed in the central part of the shopping center, recreation area or food court. The store is located near electronics outlets, a market, entertainment complexes, and on busy city streets.

The room must comply with the norms and requirements of established standards, decorated in a concise style, well lit. The rental price depends on the territorial location of the object, the size of the settlement and starts from 10 thousand rubles. per month.

Shop assortment and suppliers

The success of a business depends on a properly formed assortment . About 80% of accessories are universal and suitable for all phone models. It is necessary to estimate the quantity of goods to meet the demand of buyers at the initial stage and make purchases in the appropriate volume. Suitable mobile accessories store products are:

  • A variety of covers and cases for smartphones, phones, tablets
  • Chargers and Batteries
  • Additional power supplies
  • Memory cards
  • Headsets, headphones
  • Cables
  • Adapters
  • Gadgets for phones and tablets
  • Smartphone car accessories
  • Protective glasses, films
  • Stickers, decorative elements

Additional revenue will come from mobile device repair services, connecting to telecom operators, setting up applications and Internet connections, device diagnostics, and delivery of goods to order. Alternatively, you can make your own phone cases.

Such models are valued among buyers for their original design and are sold at a higher price. In the future, it is advisable to sell directly smartphones, starting from 5-10 positions, gradually expanding the range with other gadgets.

As suppliers you can choose:

  • wholesale distributors of mobile accessories
  • companies, firms operating in Russia, supplying products directly from China, which are official representatives of the brand
  • Chinese accessory manufacturers

It is worth studying the information on the Internet and reviews from people who purchase this product. You can purchase a trial batch to analyze the speed of delivery and the quality of the goods.


Having solved the above questions, proceed to the registration of activities. The tax office draws up an individual entrepreneur or LLC . For individual entrepreneurs, they provide a passport, TIN, an application and a paid state fee of 800 rubles. For an LLC, it is necessary to pay 4 thousand rubles, submit the data of the founder and the charter of the company, the minimum authorized capital is 10 thousand rubles.

Type of taxation: USN at a rate of 6% on income or 15% on the difference between profit and expenses. Suitable OKVED codes: 52.48 on retail trade in specialized outlets, 52.48.3 on trade in specialized goods not specified in other groups, 52.44.6 on trade in household appliances not specified in other groups.

For the operation of the store, it is necessary to obtain permission from the administration, Rospotrebnadzor and the fire service, conclude lease agreements and for garbage collection.

Purchase of equipment

The bulk of the costs are the cost of purchasing equipment in the region of 70-90 thousand rubles . To equip the store you will need to purchase:

  • showcase
  • Vendor counter
  • Shelves for placing goods
  • Cash machine
  • Notebook
  • Terminal for payment by plastic cards

With the format of a mobile rack, no additional equipment is required except for the cash register and the terminal.


For the smooth operation of a small point, two sales consultants should be hired with a shift work schedule with wages from the salary and a percentage of sales.

Additional requirements for staff will be: knowledge of the specifics of gadgets and devices, courtesy, sociability, neat appearance.

Since the store’s customers will mainly be young people, the age of the sellers is also desirable up to 35 years.

Advertising and marketing

The successful location of the point is already a good advertisement for the business. By using other options, you can count on a stable client flow:

  • Attractive colorful shop sign
  • Attractive product prices
  • Providing discounts to customers and holding various promotions
  • Distribution of business cards, flyers in crowded places
  • Posting ads in elevators, entrances of houses, transport

Advertising on the Internet, promotion in social networks, through your own website
Use as many marketing tools and advertising moves as possible. Your income depends on it.

How much to invest at the start

The amount of initial investments is based on the business format and “at a minimum” is about 300-400 thousand rubles. on the:

  • Purchase of a product range in the amount of 170-180 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of equipment from 70 to 90 thousand rubles.
  • Paperwork for 10 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising – 20 thousand rubles.
  • Room rental – 20 thousand rubles.

Buying used equipment, favorable terms of delivery will save you money. In the future, about 100 thousand rubles should be allocated for current expenses. for wages to employees, additional orders of goods, rent and payment of utilities, taxes.

How much can you earn

Since the cost of goods is low, earnings are formed due to a good margin from 200% and reaching up to 500 % for some models. The average check of a mobile accessories store is 600 rubles. With the number of buyers 12 people per day, the planned revenue will be in the range of 7 thousand 200 rubles. and more.

This is 210 thousand rubles per month, of which 100 thousand rubles are net profit. With such profitability indicators of 45-50% , the investment will pay off in a couple of months. The minimum value is taken as the basis. In metropolitan areas, the numbers will be higher.

Possible business problems and risks

In this business, some risks that affect the success of the business cannot be ruled out. These include:

  • Increasing competition, suggesting new marketing moves or changing the location of the point
  • Low activity of buyers associated with the wrong location of the store or ineffective advertising

Lack of demand for outdated models of mobile accessories as a result of unjustified purchase of a large consignment of goods The
sale of products from official manufacturers, well-known brands, trusted brands will help to maintain the image of the outlet.


Many aspects speak in favor of the idea of ​​​​selling mobile accessories, ranging from the positive aspects and ease of starting a business to profitability indicators . The main thing is to carry out the necessary analytical activities, choose the right business format, find profitable suppliers and follow the next steps of the business plan.

This option of earning is perfect for novice entrepreneurs with a small amount of start-up capital.

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