TOP-20 business ideas without investments or your own business with minimal investment

You want to start your own business, but you don’t have the money or the business idea. Today we can see a lot of young and dynamic people who aspire to start a small business but face the same problem. We will try to help you with this and describe 20 business ideas without investment or with minimal investment.

20 Business ideas without investment or with minimal investment

Are you one of those people? Are you tired of working for anyone? Do you want to be your own master?

If yes, then you are in the right place. In order to help you, we have selected 20 low-risk business ideas that require little or no investment.

1. Recruitment agency at home

It is a very good business idea to start a recruiting agency as this home based business does not require any money. You can start this business from home. You just need a phone, internet and a few contacts.

2. Website

Creating and launching a small website is a business idea for a small but very promising business, as this kind of entrepreneurship has a huge potential for income growth. You can create an online store and sell all sorts of goods, or create an article site in order to make money on contextual and teaser advertising. There are many ways to monetize traffic. All you need is patience, a desire to learn new things and a little money to pay for hosting and a domain. 

3. Freelancing

You can start your own business by freelancing (a freelancer is a private specialist in some field, working remotely). This business does not require any investment. You just need to post your experience on an open forum or freelance site. Make sure you publish all available information about your past experience – this will increase the interest of your potential customers.

4. Photographer

If you have a talent for creating interesting, high-quality, and colorful photographs, you can turn your hobby into a business. You just need a very good camera to start this business. You can earn money by providing professional photography services, and you can also sell photos on foreign stocks by building a large portfolio. This is very promising and profitable.

5. Personal mentor or coach

If you have good skills in teaching something, you can start moving in this direction by teaching adults or children by the hour. Such a business usually does not require capital investment as it can be done from home and you are unlikely to face the problem of the downturn in this business because education is very important today.

6. Interior designer

Providing interior design services is a good business idea. Of course, this business requires special skills and creativity, which will allow you to achieve success in this field.

7. Wedding planner

In the modern world, people use the services of professional wedding planners to organize a wedding. That is why, having thoroughly learned about the intricacies of this business, turning on your imagination and calling on all creativity to help, you can bring this interesting and profitable business idea to life. However, this business still requires a small amount of investment.

8. Real estate services and consulting

You can start your own business by becoming a private real estate agent or by setting up a consulting business (consulting business) without investment. What you will need is a few contacts with potential buyers and sellers. You can find information online and in the print media about properties being rented or for sale, and simply bring together the two parties involved (buyer-seller, tenant-landlord), for which you will receive your fee.

9. Insurance consultant or insurance agent

Insurance in the CIS countries is gaining momentum, so insurance agents are becoming more and more necessary. In fact, the insurance market in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries is still empty and the growth prospects are quite large. If you are considering starting a part-time business with no investment, you can start working as an insurance consultant or agent.

10. Consulting business

If you are an expert in some areas such as personal finance, branding, management , marketing and advertising, you can start your own consulting company.

11. Content writing

Article writing is an art and if you are a master at it you can start your own business without investment creating custom articles as the demand for this kind of work is very high nowadays. You can earn $ 1 – 2 for every thousand characters written, and earnings per day can be $ 15 – 40.

12. Security agency or detective agency

Security and safety is a serious issue today, and people are willing to spend money on it. By organizing your own team, you can create a security agency or a private detective agency, which will also allow you to earn very decent money.

13. School of dance, music or drawing

If you are good at dancing, professionally involved in music or painting, you can organize your own dance, music or painting class. If you have done this in the past, try to upgrade your skills before starting your venture.

14. Career counseling

Millions of young people and their parents are confused as to which path they should take with regard to their activities and careers. You can research various options in today’s job market and offer career counseling to such people. Just share what you know without promising mountains of gold.

15. Fitness trainer or yoga teacher

If you are professionally trained in these areas of knowledge and skills, you can start practicing yoga training or become a fitness trainer.

16. Babysitting or cook at home

If you are a woman and want to start a small business without investment, you can provide babysitting or home cooking services. This great business idea is especially suitable for residents of big cities, as in big cities there are many busy women living in prosperity who need this kind of service. 

17. Chocolate maker

This is another business idea for a woman, although a man can also do this (see DIY home business ideas for men ). As we know, chocolate is loved all over the world, and if you learn how to make homemade natural chocolate with quality ingredients, you can make a profitable business by making and selling chocolate online and beyond.

18. Delivery of homemade hot meals

If you are a very good cook and love to cook delicious food, you can organize a delivery service for hot homemade meals to offices. Again, this is very easy and simple to do by collecting online applications, using special forums and social networks, and you can also make your own website, where you describe all the benefits of your service, and also collect many positive reviews over time.

19. Corporate events manager

If you are a good facilitator and can manage multiple tasks at the same time, you can act as a corporate event manager. Today, many corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, hire a corporate events manager to organize corporate events. This business idea makes it possible to earn money without investing anything.

20. Maintenance of IT infrastructure

Today it is a thriving business and if you are an IT expert, you can start your own IT support and IT related services business.

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